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Why Choose Us For RELIEF From Neuropathy?

Our state-of-the-art advanced FDA cleared medical technology provides long lasting results for neuropathy. This non-invasive program increases circulation, and brings nutrient rich blood to your damaged tissues and nerves. We also utilize a specialized neuroregulating electrical therapy which helps to calm overactive nerves.

Safe and effective from home

Easy to follow program

Ongoing Doctor support

$0 ongoing cost to maintain

What is Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Dr. Christopher Cordima

Our comprehensive non-invasive drug-free approach combines FDA cleared new technology with proven therapies that together provide long lasting pain relief and promotes healing.

Non-Surgical & Drug-FREE Neuropathy Relief

I've dedicated my life to helping people live a better, healthier life without pain and suffering.

I use a revolutionary treatment program for patients with neuropathy using the most advanced non-surgical, drug free medical technologies available today!

Boston, MA Neuropathy Doctor, Neuro Doc Treatment Center

Board Certified In Chronic Intractable Pain & Neuropathy

Dr. Christopher Cordima, DC, BCN is Board Certified in Neuropathy and is a highly sought after expert in the field of neuropathy.





Pain Free

Our unique "multi-layered" neuropathy treatment process increases blood vessel growth, proper nutrition for your nerves, recommended dietary changes, electrical neuromodulation, exercises, acupressure points, home therapy recommendations, along with an exclusive online membership portal full of videos, helpful information, training material and more!

All designed to give you results and relief so that you can get your life back.

Our FDA Cleared Medical Equipment Has Become The Standard Of Care In Hospitals And Clinics Around The World!

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Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms
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Diabetic Foot Pain

Feel Free From Pain

Regardless of the cause, our advanced neuropathy treatment protocol helps to restore the function of nerves by pulsing unique electrical signals through the area of impaired function, increase circulation and create new blood vessels with lasers, and a complete program of proper nutrition, nitric oxide boosting, exercises, acupressure points, and home therapy advice.

Peripheral Neuropathy Symptoms

  • Numbness/ Tingling

  • Burning Pain

  • Throbbing pain

  • Shooting Pain

  • Stabbing pain

  • Cramps/ Restless Leg

  • Cold Feeling

  • Balance problems

Reverse Neuropathy | Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment

What our clients say about us

"Dr. Cordima has given me back a better quality of life- I am a breast cancer survivor that has been treated with chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. As a result I was left with neuropathy in my hands and feet. I am almost 90 days into the program and feel so much better than I have in the past couple of years. The program is a commitment for better health and I am proof that if you work the program you will see the results. It feels so good to be pain free."


"Amazing Staff , Very Friendly . Dr. Cordima is an amazing Doctor and is helping me with neuropathy, I've started to feel much better since I came here and I'm feeling less pain. The medical assistant is super friendly and makes everyone feel welcomed. Highly Recommend This Clinic To Anyone."


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